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AugA is a travelling Fine Jewellery pop-up exhibition, showcasing the work of Rebecca Steiner and Ellen Monaghan. Each show gives you the opportunity to meet, view current work and collaborative projects, and commission work from these award-winning designers.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Collaborative Project 2012: Rings

Step 1: Working on 2 pieces each, Ellen begins working with wax while Rebecca begins working in metal, thus swapping their usual techniques.

Step 2: One piece is selected to be swapped. 
The remaining piece is brought together with the received piece to create a coherent set.
At this stage wax pieces are to be cast and can be worked on once in metal form.

Step 3: The pair of pieces are now swapped again to be finished.
Deadline: 20th February 2012
Time Limit for each stage: 2/3 hours
Aim: To have 2 sets of rings or pieces that relate to the concept of rings that each designer has contributed to, as well as a documentation of the process in hard copy and blog entry form.


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